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. Photographer Kilauea: G. Brad LEWIS

Brad Lewis


G. Brad Lewis is internationally recognized as a leading volcano and nature photographer. His volcano images have appeared on the covers of a number of magazines, including Life, Natural History, Nature's Best, Terra, Photographer's Forum, Earth, and Geo, and within the pages of National Geographic, Time, Outside, Fortune, Newsweek, and more. His most recent cover image is on National Geographics' "Best Pictures of the Year."

Brad's photographs have received numerous awards and been widely exhibited. Interviews with Brad have been broadcast on the NBC Today Show, CBS Evening News, and several Discovery Channel programs. Print interviews and photo essays of his volcano photographs have been featured in many magazines, including Photo District News, DigitalFoto, Studio Photography & Design, and Outdoor Photographer.


. Photographer La Fournaise: Paul-Edouard BERNARD DE LAJARTRE



Paul-Edouard B. de Lajartre was born in France in 1972. His passion for volcanoes started as a child through conferences, movies and works written by Maurice and Katia Krafft. He experienced his first eruption at 7 years old in Sicilia when the Etna erupted. At 20 years old, his family moves to Reunion Island where he meets Alain Gerente and by his side discovers the Piton de La Fournaise.

From this moment, he dedicates his life working as a photographer and shooting this volcano's spectacular eruptions. Purist, this young artist loves to work with natural light and uses exclusively argentic photography. He acquired by now, mainly of La Fournaise dear to his heart, a unique collection of transparencies that will take your breath away.
His pictures are sold all over the world to private collectionners mainly, but also to several museums.


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